Engineering Survey and Design 
NEWDI designs and manufactures total station and DGPS used for surveys, plotting work, computation of earth work, GIS mapping, CAD drawings, engineering topographical survey, area calculation from plan, and physical demarcation of roads. We design to provide aesthetically appealing and functionally efficient environment may it be residential construction, commercial development, or industrial infrastructure. We assure customer achieve this through common sense, by providing desired quipment for building engineering. 
Urban and Regional Planning 
A modern surveyor faces challenges unheard of before. In a single day you might bring in a first-order control point, stake out a section of road grade, and perform an “as-built” audit on another site. This means moving large volumes of data. You must translate complex CAD designs, work with conflicting datums and coordinate systems, generate sophisticated topographic maps, and integrate measurements from a variety of instruments. No matter what your surveying applications require, Newdi offers a broad range of GPS and GNSS receivers to meet your needs. Newdi receivers combine the world’s most advanced technology with practical, integrated designs to simplify your daily work. 
Infrastructure Design and Management 
This encompasses planning, designing and implementation of major infrastructure projects such as roads and highways. Urban infrastructure is quite challenging considering the pace of development, growing population, and limited space availability. The designs are governed by technology that can improvise the construction duration. The safety, aesthetics, functionality drives our design development. 
Newdi offers a complete hardware and software system for engineering applications built on the industry-leading Newdi total stations, GNSS technology and field software you already know. The demand for deformation monitoring is rapidly increasing to ensure the stability of aging infrastructure and structures impacted by nearby construction projects. With expensive construction and important natural phenomena including human lives at stake, it’s critical that the technology and solutions you use are the best available in the industry today.